Marijuana Greenhouse

Marijuana Greenhouse & Indoor Cannabis greenhouse We are your structures & equipment supply partner for commercial scale cannabis growing, covering both marijuana greenhouse and indoor garden environments.

Marijuana greenhouse and indoor cannibis greenhouse

  • High quality steel structure and long service life. All main parts are hot dipping galvanized after processing according to European standards,guarantee excellent anti-corrosion;
  • Many parts are pre-swedged and pre-drilled. This gothic greenhouse is easy to assemble yourself with bolts and nuts.
  • Superior air volume helps to create a more stable climate at plants level;
  • A redesigned gutter for greater luminosity and energy efficiency.
  • Very competitive pricing.


  1. 5 layers extruding film, the outer layer has the function of dustproof and anti UV ,the inner layer anti-dripping.
  2. Polycarbonate sheets;

Marijuana & Cannabis ventilation & shading:

  1. Roof ventilation, side roll up ventilation;
  2.  100% black out shading system, customerized design;

Marijuana & Cannabis cooling system:

  1. Evaporative cooling pads and fans;
  2. Plastic cooling pads;
  3. Circulation fans.

Marijuana & Cannabis Heating system:

  1. Boiler;
  2. Radiant tube;
  3. Mixing valve, save the enegy;

Marijuana & Cannabis nursery bench:

  1. Ebb/flow tray;
  2. Galvanized rolling bench;


Marijuana & Cannabis grow light

  1. High sodium lamp
  • Most effective High Intensity Discharge (HID) light available
  • Doubles available light
  • Color spectrum is highest in yellow, orange, red
  • Light from the res end of the spectrum promotes flowering production in cannabis
  1. LED grow light
    • Low energy and heat output
    • Can be customized to put out a specific wavelength of light

Marijuana & Cannabis control system

Climate controls enable you to establish the ideal, healthy environment for your cannabis growing. Automated environmental controls will allow your to cut energy costs, while getting the highest return from your crops year-round. For many cannabis growers, the ability to scale operations will depend on enhanced systems.

We can customized the control system according your requirement.

Hoorgendoorn system



Solar enegy system

We can help you design a complete set of solar power system.This will not only be more effective use of the solar energy and can reduce operating costs more.

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