Fixed roof vent greenhouse

Fixed roof vent greenhouse, designed for vegetable crops grown in any climates. Originally designed for tropical climates, the fixed roof vent greenhouse is our most popular greenhouse structure, with amazing light levels, superior stability in climate control ,reliable snow load capacity and rain load capacity.

1.High quality steel structure and long service life. All main parts are hot dipping galvanized after processing according to European standards,guarantee excellent anti-corrosion;
2.Many parts are pre-swedged and pre-drilled. This fixed roof vent greenhouse is easy to assemble yourself with bolts and nuts.
3.Superior air volume helps to create a more stable climate at plants level;
4.A redesigned gutter for greater luminosity and energy efficiency.
5.Very competitive pricing;


  1. Ideal for vegetable Specific widths have been optimized for such crops, based on European’s best practices (rows spaced every 1,6 or 1,8 meters)
  2. Suitable for hydroponic/soilless crop management.
  3. Commercial production of lettuces, fine herbs or fruits;
  4. Commercial production and propagation of ornamentals, such as bedding plants, annuals, mums, pointsettias, etc.
  5. Can be used to connect multiple individuals greenhouses to facilitate plant handling and operations
  6. Can easily integrate service buildings such as mixing area for fertigation, areas for conditioning or packaging, offices.
  7. Can be fitted with a portico for plant protection best practices
  8. Ready to receive various accessories to create a high level of confinement, for growers concerned with biosecurity.


  1. Span(width): 6m,8m, 9.6m, 10.8m, 12m
  2. Length: customized.
  3. Gutter height: 3.6m -6m



  1. 3 layers extruding film, the outer layer has the function of dustproof and anti UV ,the inner layer anti-drippingand anti-fog.
  2. Polycarbonate sheets;

Other facilities:

Ventilation, shading, heating, cooling, irrigation, and/or automatic control, etc.

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