Manual film roll up(film roller)

How to roll up plastic film of greenhouse? You can use Manual roll up unit.

After years of research, we have designed and manufactured a new type of manual film roller.

This film roller is not only easy to install, but also has a large torque, self-locking function, and the film length can reach 90 meters. The new film roller can be used for the side film rolling of the greenhouse, the high side film rolling and the top film rolling.
It is widely used in multi-span greenhouses, Tunnel greenhouse, cannabis greenhouses, etc.

Production description:

  1.  Easy to install and operate;
  2.  Reliable performance;
  3. Self locking;
  4. Large output torque and light weight;
  5. Designed and suitable for 22mm and 25mm rolling pipe;
  6. Side ventilation for greenhouse;
Item Torque Rolling length Speed ratio Function
SJ105 40Nm 90m 1:5 Side rolling


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