Truss rack and pinion

Truss rack and pinion is the most import parts of truss mounting ventilation system.

Truss rack and pinion

Truss mounting ventilation system is the preferred form of large-scale open-door greenhouse window opening mechanism, its performance is reliable and safe, strong bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, accurate operation, easy to automatic control.

  • The Truss rack is made of high strength steel, it’s reliable quality, best performance and exactly diameter.
  • Truss gears are composed of heat-treated gears and high-strength steel plates with large torque and good fit with truss racks.
  • Our company also designed a double direction truss pinion for you to provide more solutions for your greenhouse ventilation.

Truss rack 

Items specification unit
Truss rack L=1050mm pcs
Truss rack L=1250mm pcs


Truss pinion 

Items stroke speed ratio
Truss pinion 36.4mm 2.76:1



Double direction truss pinion 

Items Stroke Speed ratio
Double direction truss pinion 36.4mm 2.76:1

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